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A Penny Saved can be More than a Penny Earned

The earlier in life that you start setting financial goals and working towards them with a fee only financial advisor fiduciary, the brighter your future can be. Whether you're a couple nearing retirement or young family with $40k of investable assets, R.O.I.'s family of wealth advisors is here to help you set and achieve your goals.



Most financial planners are paid commissions for the products and services they sell (like annuities, mutual funds, and/or insurance). R.O.I. is paid no commission on any investment, insurance, or any other product. Our only compensation, for all of our services, is a small fee only percentage of the portion of your portfolio that we're actively managing - this helps to align our interests to yours. R.O.I.'s advisors are members of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors or NAPFA which is the country’s leading professional association of Fee-Only financial advisors—highly trained professionals who are committed to working in the best interests of those they serve.

Active Management

The world is constantly changing, and today's theories and allocations won't necessarily be right for tomorrow. We leverage more than 50 years of combined investment management experience and the industry's leading tools and methodologies to actively monitor and adjust your investments and allocations to help you meet your financial goals and protect you from financial obstacles such as fear and greed.

Experience and Stability

Meet with us to learn why, after more than two and a half decades, our first clients are still working with us. Our family team offers a combined 50+ years of financial and retirement planning experience and education.

The only constant in the universe is change. Markets change, jobs change, people move, families change; yet, through it all R.O.I. has been a model for stability. R.O.I. has provided its services since 1992 helping clients through their life changes, bull markets, bear markets, wars, terrorist attacks, and more.

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Business Growth

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Analyses – R.O.I. performs the following analyses for clients as part of their comprehensive financial planning: Cash Flow, Taxes, Kids'/Grandkids' Goals, Retirement, Death, Disability, Long Term Care, and Estate Planning.

Consulting – As part of our comprehensive planning services, R.O.I. consults with clients, as applicable, about such things as Stock Options, Business Planning, Asset Protection, Retirement, Estate, and Income Tax planning, and we follow up with other professionals needed to implement plans. To continuously educate clients and keep communication lines open, R.O.I. also provides its own monthly newsletter.

Insurance, Investments & Retirement Plans – As a result of the above Analyses and/or Consulting, R.O.I. can counsel clients in obtaining needed insurance, investments, and various retirement plans, thus truly providing comprehensive financial planning to help clients achieve their financial goals and objectives while protecting them from financial obstacles.

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Active Investment Management

R.O.I. actively manages your investment portfolio working with you to identify your goals and determine the proper asset allocations needed to achieve them.

Though R.O.I. actively manages your portfolio, it doesn’t believe it, or anyone else, can sufficiently outsmart the markets, therefore its investment strategies are generally long term in nature and more conservative, trying to participate well in upswings and minimize participation in downswings, rather than high risk like short term, timing, trading, or other quick return and/or leveraged strategies.


R.O.I. has provided Comprehensive Financial Planning and Active Investment Advisory services since 1992. Ron Olson, the founder of R.O.I., successfully transitioned the business to two of his sons Grant and Ben Olson making it a successful 2nd generation, family owned and operated firm. from time to time Ron consults with R.O.I. As of September, 2023 R.O.I. had about 160 clients and over 80 Million under management.

R.O.I.'s long term stability and accessibility is not only an exceptional characteristic that clients love, but the "family managed, office in the home" business model allows R.O.I. to reduce it's overhead and thus provide very attentive, comprehensive service, by highly educated and experienced financial planners at very competitive costs - when you call R.O.I., you talk to Grant and Ben, not receptionist or a junior advisor.

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Grant Olson 

Co-Owner, CFP, MBA

Grant grew up in the business. At a very young age (about 14 years old), he began working in R.O.I., learning the "nuts and bolts" of the Financial Planning/Invesetment Advisory business. As part of R.O.I.'s business plan, Grant began working full time in R.O.I. during 2003 (at the age of 24) and geared his entire higher education to be a finanical planner and investment advisor, business advisor, and, owner, in R.O.I.:

-Bachelor's Degree in Business Management 2003;
-Master's Degree in Business Adminstration 2004;
-CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Certificant since 2004; &,
-NAPFA Member since 2007.

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Ben Olson

Co-owner, CFP, CPA

Ben grew up in the business. At a very young age (about 14 years old), he began working in R.O.I., learning the "nuts and bolts" of the Financial Planning/Invesetment Advisory business. As part of R.O.I.'s business plan, Ben's higher education and experience was focused on accounting and taxes to be a finanical planner and investment advisor, tax advisor, and, owner, in R.O.I.:

-Bachelor's Degree in Accounting 2001;
-Master's Degree in Accounting 2002;
-Licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) 2004;
-2 years practicing accounting and taxes (2003-2004);
-CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional (2006); and,
-NAPFA Member since 2008.


2901 W. Bluegrass Blvd, Suite # 200-99, Lehi, UT 84043

504 W. 800 North

Orem, UT 84057

(801) 785-3254

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